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Royal Blue fitted shirt with a clean sleek LV print on the front Left side. On the right sleeve we have a mini print of our OI triangle logo. The back print is the most interesting part. It reads "Los Violentos" in Spanish meaning 'The Violent Ones'. are you confused on why? keep reading.


We decided to flip it on you and make you look at the term through a different perspective. The Word VIOLENCE has always been frowned upon, But through a different lense we decided to use it for GOOD. VIOLENCE? GOOD? HOW?


With VIOLENCE us as a BRAND have been able to ATTACK our DREAMS, GOALS AND DESIRES with FORCE. We PLAN, ATTACK, AND EXECUTE using a spirit of VIOLENCE (meaning no obstacle or challenge will stop us). NOT THE SAME VIOLENCE as the world views it. But a force that pushes us to better ourselves, motivate, inspire, lift and bring LIFE to the world. 

Los Violentos

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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